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Sports Sales Summit 2019

Monday, Jul 08, 2019 at 8:00AM

The Bellagio

  • Jul 2019

    08 Mon


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Sports Sales Summit 2019

Monday, Jul 08, 2019 at 8:00AM

Las Vegas, NV , United States of America

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Why The Sports Sales Summit?


Getting meaningful sales in and around the Sports Ticketing industry is not easy, but if you learn how to do it, your life will never be the same. The Sports Sales Summit is going to sit you in front of the sales geniuses of this industry and teach you the techniques and skill sets that will help you master the art of sales around the world of sports ticketing. There is a lot of money to be made here, and the Sports Sales Summit is going to show you how.


Part One:  Relationships


Sales reps will learn to fine tune the art of prospecting. If you research and believe someone should be doing business with us, you will close them. This session also includes our 'undercover' methods to find needs, so we can recommend solutions.

  • The Art of Prospecting
    • Who are our people? Where are our people? Who are ‘like’ our people? What is the demographic we want?
    • How do we use analytics to work with sales to determine our pockets of buyers, price points of locations, target locations to continue to grow, make recommendations, and pull data?
    • Who wants our people? What is the importance of reaching out to companies who want our people to sponsor events through ticket purchase, etc.?
    • Why do people want our product?
    • How do we growing healthy pipeline gardens?
  • Selling for the long term:  selling what they need vs what we want
    • Who do we ask for when contacting businesses? Groups? Nonprofits?
    • Can we find needs by how we ask?
    • How do we evoking emotions?
    • How do we uncover needs for businesses? (sample sale)
    • How do we uncover needs for groups and nonprofits?


Part Two:  Communicating


This session gives the sales rep two ways to ‘push’ and two ways to ‘pull’ depending on the conversation and need. These help us evoke emotions to get us to our final closing comments. This session will also help the reps understand the communication techniques available today and when/ways to use them.

  • How Do We Influence?
    • Ways to influence
    • When to use various ways
    • How to use transition statements
    • Having a mission statement
    • 4 ways to end a call
    • The dating game
  • Methods of communicating in sales
    • Cold calling
    • In person meetings
    • Networking events
    • Social media / social media networking / blogging/ photo sharing / video
    • Texting
    • Emailing
    • Touch points:  why, types, how many, directly related to renewal percentage


Part Three:  Running Your Own Small Business Within a Franchise


The sales rep will be able to create and understand the strategic process.  They will be able to put together a quarterly strategy to achieve their goals and provide structure to their day.

  • Creating a personal business strategy
    • Why we create 
    • How we gather information to create our plan
    • What should a strategy include
    • How do we develop a detailed in depth strategy for hitting goals
    • How we structure our day
    • What is the importance of huddles and brainstorming
    • How do we set up for success before leaving

Part Four:  Executing Sales


This session will enable the sales rep to execute the supersize group process, from organizations to nonprofits to businesses

  • Supersize group: structuring the meeting, who to invite, when to have it, setting the bar, follow up, the sales strategy, the event
  • Nonprofits: Why selling our tickets isn’t working and what can we do differently

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